About Us

Binnly has one goal and that is to replace/reduce and re-educate on the use of single use plastic bags. We have 4 principles; Refuse, Reuse, Recycle and Re-educate. Binnly is an exciting new product that we believe through our stringent testing that a Binnly Bincert can and will replace single use plastic bags in the very near future. Reducing our reliance on single use plastic bags as well as reducing the large amount of landfill waste that currently goes into landfill. The specific design of a Binnly Bincert does not allow for the normal amount of waste, such as recyclables being placed into the bin. The design of the opening prohibits recyclables from being placed into the Binnly, as this belongs in the recycling bin, which is part of our re-education principle.


Scott Fardy

Inventor, passionate environmentalist, Scott is trying to wrong the rights of our generations and the ones before to show, we can change our Habits to Save Habitats. Single use plastic bags are destroying our environment, effecting ecosystems worldwide. The next time you place a single use plastic bag inside another plastic bag, sometimes 2-3 then into the bin…. Remember all that plastic goes into our precious environment and Binnly was created to change that habit for the better.

Our Principles

  • Refuse – Refuse to buy or accept products that can harm you, your company and the environment. 
  • Reuse – Reuse something you already have instead of buying something. Replace needing a single use item, with something you can use repeatedly. Slowly replace any single use items with reusable ones – like reusable water bottles and coffee mugs. 
  • Recycle – Recycle all the basics you can – paper, plastic, metal and glass, food wastes into composted soil, as a food for a local farm or start your own worm farm. The more you recycle the less ends up in Landfill….
  • Re-Educate – Binnly has one goal and that is to replace/reduce and re-educate on the use of single use plastic bags. The time for change is here, just because you always threw it in the bin in the past, does not mean you do it in the future. Think about what you throw away and change your habits through re-education and save a Habitat. Pass you knowledge on to others around you. The more we re-educate ourselves, our environment benefits for the generations to come.

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