About Us

Binnly started as an idea, an idea for change. The Binnly Bincert® was created to change habits, habits we have all picked up over the years. The one habit that needs addressing is plastic and plastic waste, especially plastic single use bags.

Uses for a Binnly:

Feeding a Growing Plant/Tree…we have customers using Binnly Bincert® for green waste, once your Binnly is filled with kitchen Green Waste, then add a little bit of dirt/potting mix, dig a hole, and plant a tree/plant, it then uses the nutrients, from the green waste and the Binnly Bincert® will then biodegrade naturally, feeding the tree.

Landfill Waste… When you start to really look at what you throw out or into landfill, does it really go into that bin, if so a Binnly can store a large amount of landfill waste before it needs emptying.

Camper Vans/Grey Nomads…A Binnly fits well into Campervans, Caravans and in family cars, instead of having plastic bags hanging, tied up or loose, a Binnly holds all that rubbish, creates no smell and is easy to dispose of when needed.

So it’s been a bit exciting to find out from all of our testers what they use their Binnly Bincert® for? We have had these reports: Dirty Socks-Stored… No Smell, Dog Poo- Stored…No Smell, Dirty Rags and many more…

Keep the ideas rolling and let us know at our Facebook Page binnly.co.nz or Twitter page @binnly1 …. 

Single use plastic bags are destroying our environment, effecting ecosystems worldwide. The next time you place a single use plastic bag inside another plastic bag, sometimes 2-3 then into the bin…. Remember all that plastic goes into our precious environment and Binnly was created to change that habit for the better. Keep an eye out at https://annes.co.nz/  as the Binnly Bincert® will be available to purchase.



Just before COVID-19 a conversation was had regarding buying local and New Zealand made, supporting local businesses, which in turn supports local families and so on…. this involved Anne. We went away & thought…..We do this with Binnly, as we support a local manufacturer in Albany, NZ…. So why can’t we build a business that supports more local businesses and New Zealand manufacturers???

Annes.co.nz was born.

We already support a small Sanitiser manufacturer, Lion Lab’s in Levin, that is who makes our Anne’s Hand Sanitiser & Pen Refill… So we will continue to grow our product range as we go, with NZ made the best we can… (Note: Annes.co.nz is named after both sides of our families matriarch’s) … The 2 Anne’s…

Our Principles

  • Refuse – Refuse to buy or accept products that can harm you, your company and the environment. 
  • Reuse – Reuse something you already have instead of buying something. Replace needing a single use item, with something you can use repeatedly. Slowly replace any single use items with reusable ones – like reusable water bottles and coffee mugs. 
  • Recycle – Recycle all the basics you can – paper, plastic, metal and glass, food wastes into composted soil, as a food for a local farm or start your own worm farm. The more you recycle the less ends up in Landfill….
  • Re-Educate – Binnly has one goal and that is to replace/reduce and re-educate on the use of single use plastic bags. The time for change is here, just because you always threw it in the bin in the past, does not mean you do it in the future. Think about what you throw away and change your habits through re-education and save a Habitat. Pass you knowledge on to others around you. The more we re-educate ourselves, our environment benefits for the generations to come.

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